(Privacy Policy and European Regulation on the protection of personal data)

In accordance with European Regulation 679/2016 of the Data Protection Law (GDPR) and successive amendments, we are obliged to provide you with information about the way your personal data is processed by our company. This Privacy Policy has been drafted in accordance with Article 13 of the European Regulation on the protection of personal data and contains all of the necessary information to request that your personal data is erased (Privacy Law Italian Legislative Decree 196/2003).

    1. THE DATA CONTROLLER In accordance with Article 4 subsection 7 of the GDPR, the Data Controller is “DR FALK PHARMA SRL”, in the role of legal representative Isoni Giuseppe, with headquarters at VIA R. LEPETIT, 8 – 20124 MILAN (MI), ITALY, email address: Tel.: 02 99749277.
    2. DATA PROTECTION MANAGER (DPM) The Data Holder has nominated Sig Luigi Zauli, as the Data Protection Manager (c.d. DPO), via a written deed of nomination.
    3. PURPOSE OF THE DATA The requested data, used for the indicated purposes, is essential for navigating the website, the technical management of the connection to the same, and to proceed with follow ups requested by the interested user. Failure to give consent could compromise your ability to navigate the site or to receive responses to your requests; for this reason only the data strictly necessary for connecting to and viewing the site will be processed: Navigation data.
    4. LEGAL BASIS FOR PROCESSING THE DATA The legal basis for the lawful processing of personal data lies in the contractual obligations in relation to the supply of services or to respond to the requests of the interested subject (Art 6, section b); failure to provide said data could result in the user’s inability to navigate the website or receive a response to their requests.
    5. CHILD DATA PROTECTION In the event the data subject is younger than 14 years-of-age, said data processing is only lawful if the consent is given or authorised by the legal caregiver, whose identity has been duly verified; in the case of the use of images and videos for distribution or communication purposes, consent must be provided from both parents.
    6. USE OF PERSONAL DATA The personal data provided may be processed electronically, manually or online, in accordance with the laws in force and the principles of correctness, lawfulness, transparency, relevance, thoroughness, accuracy and without excess, strictly for the organisation and elaboration of data for the purpose it was originally provided or, in any case, in such a manner as to ensure the safety, integrity and confidentiality of the processed data, which will solely be used for the organisational, physical and reasonable purposes foreseen by the laws in force. From time to time, new measures may be implemented in line with technological developments, to guarantee the confidentiality, availability and integrity of said data. Special privacy notices or polices may be published on the website in relation to a particular service or different processing methods of the data provided by the user or interested subject. In these cases, where necessary, users will be asked to provide their consent.
    7. PERSONAL DATA RETENTION PERIOD The data may be stored as paper and or electronic documents, solely for the time period necessary to navigate the site (for further information please consult our cookie policy), respecting the limitations on the storage and minimisation of personal data, in accordance with Article 5, para 1, section c) and e) of the Regulation. This data will be stored to comply with the laws in force and the above cited purposes, in accordance with the principles of indispensability, relevance and minimisation.
    8. CONTACT INFORMATION The data you provided will not be shared or distributed in any way or form, except for communications foreseen by law. The data provided will only be processed by authorised and appropriately qualified personnel, under the control of the Data Controller, or other data control officers linked to DR FALK PHARMA SRL by specific contracts (art. 28 of EU Regulation 679/2016), such as, for example: Companies that provide DR. FALK PHARMA SRL with information technology management services and telecommunications networks, and professionals, consultants or suppliers that provide services to the Data Controller. In any case, the data will be communicated strictly according to technical or professional needs, favouring anonymous data management whenever possible. The data may also be communicated to third-party subjects (e.g. public entities, the police, legal authorities, etc.), but solely for the aim of adhering to the relevant legal obligations or EU regulations in force.
    9. YOUR RIGHTS Articles 15, 16, 17, 18,19 20, 21 and 77 of the European Data Protection Laws (GDPR) In relation to the data subject of the present privacy policy, we would like to inform you that you can exercise the following rights at any time:
      • Access (Art. 15 EU Regulation 679/2016);
      • Rectify (Art. 16 EU Regulation 679/2016);
      • Erase (Art. 17 EU Regulation 679/2016);
      • Restrict (Art. 18 EU Regulation 679/2016);
      • Portability is intended as the right to obtain the data in a structured, readable, commonly used format that can be viewed on an automatic device and transmitted to another data controller without hindrance (Art. 20 EU Regulation 679/2016);
      • Object to how your data is processed (Art. 21 EU Regulation 679/2016).
    10. In accordance with Article 77 of the Regulation, you also have the right to complain to the relevant controlling bodies in the member state in which you reside, work, or the place where the presumed violation took place. In Italy, the Data Protection Authority (Garante) can be contacted here: www.garanteprivacy.itYou can exercise the above cited rights by sending a certified email (PEC) to or registered mail to Via R. VIA R. LEPETIT, 8 - 20124 MILAN (MI), ITALY.
      • The aforementioned personal data will not be transferred to other countries for data processing purposes.
      • The Data Controller hereby guarantees that your data will not be used for the purpose of company profiling marketing activities of any kind.
    The present Privacy Policy was drafted on 02/05/2023