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For all the information required by Article 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016 GDPR  click here to view the site owner’s privacy policy. More specifically, it has the aim of informing users of the procedures carried out when collecting data, either using cookies and/or other tracking technologies, or information provided by the user when they visit the website address

Inaccordance with Article 4 subsection 7 of the GDPR, the Data Controller is DR FALK PHARMA SRL”, in the role of legal representative Isoni Giuseppe, with headquarters at VIA R. LEPETIT, 8 – 20124 MILAN (MI), Italy, email address: Tel.: 02 99749277.


Some sections of our website use cookies. Cookies are files that store information on hard drives or browsers that allow the website to control if you have already visited the site. Cookies allow us to track which pages of the site are the most visited, as they allow us to see which pages were visited and how long a user remained on the website. This data allows us to make your visit to the site more personal to your needs and easier to navigate. For example, cookies allow us to ensure that when you visit the site in future, the information on the website responds to your personal preferences. The user can also manage their cookie options via their browser. If you are unsure which browser you are using, you can click on “Help” in the browser window at the top of the page to access all the necessary information. If you do know which browser you are using, you can access the cookie options page using the links below.

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In any case, please note that this website is designed to use cookies and uninstalling them could affect your use of the website, which may not function as efficiently without them.


Italian legislation has integrated the European Community 2009/136/CE regulation into its own law, which obliges website managers that use cookies or other tracking technologies to inform the user about the types of cookies used on the site.

This Provision issued by the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante) for the protection of personal data no. 229 of the 8th May 2014, published in G.U. (Gazzetta Ufficiale) no. 126 of the 3rd of June 2014, categorises cookies into two categories: “technical” cookies and “targeting” cookies.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies are used solely for the “transmission of information via an electronic communication network, or those strictly necessary for the service supplier of the company to share information that has been explicitly requested by the subscriber or user to provide said service.

They are not used for any other purpose and they are usually installed directly by the owner or manager of the website. They can be divided into navigation or session cookies, which ensure smooth navigation and use of the website (e.g. allowing the user to make a purchase or authenticate their details to access a personal profile); cookie analytics, similar to technical cookies, when they are used directly by the website manager to gather aggregate information on the number of users and how visitors use the website; functional cookies that help the website owner personalise the user’s browsing experience (e.g. language, product selected for purchase) to improve the service offered to the same.

The installation of these cookies does not require the user’s consent.

Targeting cookies.

Targeting cookies are used to create user profiles and send targeted advertising messages, in line with the preferences of the user while navigating the web. Due to the potentially invasive nature of these cookies in terms of user privacy, European and Italian law foresees that the user must be adequately informed on the use of the same and must express their valid consent.

In the Provision in question, Data Protection law also categorises cookies according to the subject that operates as the personal data owner of the collected cookies, distinguishing between first-party and third-party cookies.


  1. First-party cookies.

First-party cookies are managed by the owner of the website. In this case, the obligation to inform the user is the duty of the website owner. The latter is also obliged to inform users on how they can block these cookies.

  1. Third-party cookies.

Third-party cookies are managed by a third-party service that is not the owner of the website. In this case, the obligation to inform the user and provide them with information on how to block these cookies, is the duty of the third-party provider, whereas the owner of the website is obliged to publish the link of the third-party provider on their website, where said information is available.

In the case of both types of cookies (first-party or third-party), consent, obligatory when using targeting cookies, occurs via a special banner, published on the home page of the website.


On this website we use cookies for the following purposes, for example: 

  • Count the number of visitors to the website;
  • Verify if you have accessed the site through an email or link;
  • Monitor the success of a specific advertising campaign;
  • Establish the level of interest in specific sections or elements of the website, or specific products or services available on the website;
  • Monitor the popularity of a specific product or service and the level and variation in interest between different products and services offered on the website.
  • The following section of the Cookie Policy contains a detailed list of all the cookies used on this website.  

The first group lists the so-called technical cookies, which do not require user consent.

The second group lists all of the targeting cookies used.

Both groups provide the following information for each type of cookie:

  • Name of the cookie
  • Explicit function of the cookie
  • Whether the cookie is a first- or third-party cookie.
  • In the case of a third-party cookie, we provide a link where the user can view the third-party website and read the third-party providers’ cookie and privacy policy and find out how to block said cookies.
  • Cookie expiration


Technical cookies

Name of cookieProviderFunctionExpiry (or session expiry)First- or Third-partyFor third-party cookies, please follow the link to the relevant third-party provider’s cookie policy.
Consent Solution of Iubendawww.iubenda.comSupport technical function of the websiteone yearIubenda

Targeting cookies

Name of cookieProviderFunctionExpiry (or session expiry)First- or Third-partyFor third-party cookies, please follow the link to the relevant third-party provider’s cookie policy.
_pk_idwww.mangiaredevessereunpiacere.itCollects information about users and their activity on the website for analysis and reporting purposes.13 monthsMatomo


www.mangiaredevessereunpiacere.itCollects information about users and their activity on the website for analysis and reporting purposes.30 minutesMatomo

We never share cookies with external websites or external data providers.


This website contains links or references that may take the user to another website (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn). Our company does not control the cookies/tracking technologies of other websites, consequently, in these cases, the present Cookie Policy does not apply.


For any further questions, comments or doubts about the present Cookie Policy or the website’sPrivacy Policy, please contact the company at the addresses indicated below.


The present Cookie Policy was updated on 02/05/2023. Any eventual further updates will always be published on this page.